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The most popular types of instant coffee in Thailand, as well as coffee in grains from Cambodia.

The most popular types of instant coffee in Thailand, as well as coffee in grains from Cambodia.
Chocolate coffee beans in Cambodia Mondulkiri Coffee, 500 grams.
1,424.12 р.
The coffee is named after the province where it is grown - Mondulkiri (eastern part of the Kingdom of Cambodia, tropical belt). It is truly special because: 1. In Mondulkiri a unique climate. The ideal temperature and humidity of the air, as well as the solar regime, are explained by low mou..
Coffee from Cambodia Luvak ground Mondulkiri Weasel, 250 grams.
1,831.02 р.
Ground coffee from a mixture of two elite varieties Arabica and Robusta. Made by the best Cambodian coffee maker - the Mondulkiri campaign. Mondulkiri Coffee Luvak Arabica / Robusta is one of the most expensive, rare and delicious coffee varieties that true lovers of this drink will appreciate. E..
Coffee in beans from Cambodia espresso arabica Mondulkiri premium, 1 kg.
3,051.70 р.
Coffee is grown, harvested and roasted in the province of Mondulkiri of the Kingdom of Cambodia. The tropical belt, low mountains and unique soil create an ideal temperature and humidity - all that is necessary to get an incredibly tasty and aromatic coffee. The drink belongs to the pr..
Coffee to maintain the slender figure of Equal Collagen, 180 grams.
935.85 р.
Soluble coffee, containing cream with a reduced percentage of fat, amino acids and the main "building material" of the human body - collagen. Promotes dispersal of a metabolism, restoration of work of a stomach and an intestine, support of a figure. Manufactured in Thailand, based on the license ..
Coffee with cream for slimming and reducing cholesterol TRUSLEN, 156 grams.
976.54 р.
Instant coffee from one of the most popular Thai brands, Truslen. In the composition there is not a gram of sugar, only coffee and cream with a reduced percentage of fat. This instant coffee cleans the body, removing from it all harmful substances, including cholesterol, strengthens it. He c..
Coffee with Moringa slimming SHAPE, 180 grams.
508.62 р.
The structure of this coffee contains natural extracts of Moringa, Ginseng, Reishi mushroom, cactus, white beans, and Coenzyme Q-10. The collection of mineral and vitamin complexes contained in these extracts has a restorative and tonic effect on the body, leading to its gradual weight loss. In a..
Dene Thai coffee for weight correction, 22 grams.
85.45 р.
Coffee for those who want to cleanse the body and lose weight. Based on natural ingredients, therefore effective and safe. Designed and manufactured in Thailand. This coffee is of three kinds. Sachets differ not only in color, but in composition and, accordingly, action. 1. Dene..
Effective weight loss with coffee LIPO 8, 150 grams.
508.62 р.
This coffee, produced in Thailand, is suitable for those who love delicacies and at the same time watching their figure. Coffee can be called one of the most popular drinks in the world, it is liked by people of all ages. It is prepared both without everything, and with additives: sugar, milk, ..
Green Slimming Coffee 500 grams.
1,261.37 р.
Green coffee for weight loss and cleansing the body. Completely natural, therefore effective and has no "side effects". Produced in Thailand - a country in which they know how to use what nature gives for the benefit of man. Composition: The drink contains caffeine and chlorogen..
Green Slimming Coffee TRUSLEN, 160 grams.
712.06 р.
Green Slimming Coffee TRUSLEN - it's instant coffee, which is nice and tasty drink, give a maximum charge of vivacity and a gradual reduction in their weight. The composition of green coffee contains biologically active substances that contribute to the breakdown of fat cells, increased metabolis..
Ground chocolate coffee from Cambodia Mondulkiri Coffee, 500 grams.
813.79 р.
Coffee finely ground, moderately fried. Produced in the Kingdom of Cambodia. The composition of Mondulkiri chocolate coffee makes up 2 varieties of super popular coffee:     Variety of Robusta (35%)     Arabica variety (65%) A distinctiv..
Instant coffee 3 in 1 Nescafé, 1 bag.
22.38 р.
Instant coffee can be no worse than natural. The proof is two drinks from Nescafe: Blend and Brew Rich Aroma and Blend and Brew Espresso Roast, which are produced in Thailand and are popular all over the world. Both are presented in our online store and sold at a bargain price. Blend a..
Instant coffee with ginseng and cream. Three in one, 400 grams.
773.10 р.
Thai instant coffee with cream from Super Coffee is a great way to cheer up even after a deep sleep. A unique, rich taste will present a few pleasant minutes in the morning before work, which will remain in memory until the evening and cheer up. The composition of this drink includes two 100% n..
Instant coffee without sugar with chromium to reduce appetite, 12 grams.
18.31 р.
Thai instant coffee with cream and chrome is an excellent option for those who are dieting, and for those who simply support themselves in the form, adhering to the principles of a healthy lifestyle. Its undoubted plus is that, firstly, it does not contain sugar, but it is very tasty and flavor..
Instant ESSENSO black coffee, 20 bags of 2 grams.
589.99 р.
Soluble coffee from a Thai beverage producer, belonging to the elite class. It was developed according to the most modern, unique technology of MicroPlusTM - grains of Arabica coffee are taken and ground to a powder at a very low temperature and 100% lack of oxygen. As a result, you get a soluble..
Set Thai coffee Khao Shong "5 flavors", 400 grams.
610.34 р.
Manufacturer Khao Shong Coffee is one of the leaders of the Thai coffee brands. In this coffee set includes 20 bags of instant coffee, with 5 different flavors:     Cappuccino - coffee with a slight sweet taste and characteristic for this type of coffee, crema (4 pack ..
Slimming coffee LIPO 9, 150 grams.
589.99 р.
Traditional, 100% original Thai coffee to cleanse the body and lose weight. It is popular both with local residents and in other countries of the world, which confirms its effectiveness and safety. The composition of the drink Coffee is completely natural, so it not only burns f..