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A set of green herbal balms with prolonged action Phoyok Herb, 150 grams.
864.42 р.
Certified green balm Thai campaign Phoyok Herb is made from natural extracts of medicinal herbs and has become widely known among tourists from all over the world thanks to some features that distinguish this balsam from other products of this category:     Absence of ..
A set of Thai spices for cooking green curry RosDee, 55 grams.
108.05 р.
Those who do not imagine their life without green curry can cook their favorite delicacy at home. To do this, it is enough to buy a set of Thai spices, writing to us. It has everything you need for green curry soup and fried rice. In particular, coconut milk and cream, chili-paste and, of cours..
Anti-aging cream with whitening effect Snail Extra Plus, 50 ml.
884.07 р.
The newest formula of Snail Extra Plus cream is natural extracts of centella, aloe vera, mulberry and ginger, as well as streetwise filtrate, collagen and macadamia nut oil. The cream has a complex action:     Skin cells are rejuvenated and regeneration is enhanced. ..
Anti-aging face mask with bioactive gold and glutathione, 220 ml.
353.63 р.
The face mask of 24k Gold is produced by the Korean cosmetic campaign and includes the most powerful components for improving the vital functions of skin cells, as well as for enhancing the processes of their regeneration:     Bioactive gold.    &n..
Anti-aging facial cream for face premium VITAMAX, 50 grams.
6,876.10 р.
Women from all over the world say that this rejuvenating cream is only good. And all because he has a carefully worked out composition, in particular: • mucin, i.e. the main component of the secretion of all the mucous glands of the cochlea is 98%; • hyaluronic acid; • peptides; • vitamin..
Anti-aging facial masks Civic Facial Mask, 100 ml.
392.92 р.
Manufacturer of Thai natural cosmetics Civic offers new, newly developed face care masks:     Collagen mask - contains hydrolyzed collagen and a large number of vitamin complexes E and B5. This mask has a powerful rejuvenating effect, comparable to the effect of mesoth..
Aromatic Szechuan pepper, 200 grams.
648.32 р.
Such Thai seasoning, like Szechuan pepper, has a peppery flavor with citrus notes. As for the taste, it is practically without that "traditional" witticism, but still with a bit bitter taste. The seasoning we are considering, despite its name, is not a pepper. This spice is obtained from the se..
Balm barleria, 10 grams.
108.05 р.
The balm contains natural extracts barleria wolf, lemongrass and mint. Balsam has a powerful analgesic and anti-inflammatory action. Indications for use:     Removal of muscle pain.     Removal of joint pain.     Usin..
Balsams to increase the volume of the lips with the aromas of mango and coconut, 5 grams.
707.26 р.
Have you long been looking for a lip balm that would perform several functions and was a real "wand-stick"? You finally found it! Having decided to buy this novelty from one of the Thai companies, you will get both moisturizing and enhancing lip balm, which also has a very pleasant taste and arom..
Black tea "fifteen-year-old puer" in a gift box, 36 pieces.
982.30 р.
Thai black tea called "Fifteen Puer", which can be bought in our online store, will be an excellent gift to family, friends and just acquaintances. In the taste of this drink can be traced woody fruit notes. And since it invigorates, it is best to drink it in the morning. Tea we are consideri..
Body scrub "Banana", 250 ml.
314.34 р.
The scrub contains natural banana extract, which gives this cosmetic product a pleasant fruity aroma. Scrub is intended for body skin care:     Peeling skin (cleansing the surface of the skin from keratinized and dead cells)     Nutrition and ..
Body scrub "Jasmine", 250 ml.
314.34 р.
Body scrub "Orchid", 250 ml.
314.34 р.
Scrub for the peeling procedure, containing a natural extract of the orchid flowers. The components scrub gently clean the outer keratinized layer of epidermal cells, saturate the skin with nutrients - microelements and vitamin complexes. In addition, the floral fragrance will make the cosmetic p..
Capsules based on snake venom for the treatment of skin pathologies Ya Jia Tu, 240 capsules.
5,304.42 р.
With the help of Ya Jia Tu Capsule, you can cure a number of skin diseases. This drug was created on one of the Thai snake farms and its basis is the poison of the royal cobra. Despite the fact that it is issued only for the domestic market, you can buy it in our online store, and at an affordabl..
Capsules for the treatment of diabetes on the basis of bone tissue of snakes and extracts of medicinal herbs Ya Sur Fern Wan, 240 capsules.
5,304.42 р.
Capsules Ya Sur Fern Wan made in Thai farm snakes SIAM SNAKE Farm International and sold mainly on the domestic market. As part of the capsule extract of snake bones and medicinal plants (Ganoderma mushroom, ginseng, swallows' nests, etc.). The main effect of the capsules is aimed at eliminating ..
Capsules of complex action for weight loss and elimination of toxins from the body, 100 capsules.
785.84 р.
Thai phytopreparation is made on the basis of 5 plants, and has a complex effect on the body, leading to weight loss and purification of the body of toxins:     Natural extract of the root of Thai horseradish - accelerates metabolism in the body and promotes the splitt..
Capsules of Scheffler for treatment of bronchial asthma, 100 capsules.
432.21 р.
The basis of the capsules of Scheffler is the same-named plant with a powerful bronchodilator effect. Capsules are used for:     Treatment of bronchial asthma.     Coping with attacks of dry cough.     Relief of the c..
Capsules of Tungbergia for cleansing the body and removing the hangover Ya Rang Jued, 100 capsules.
491.15 р.
100% natural product from the Thai company Thanyaporn Herbs. Produced in the form of capsules. It removes toxins and toxins, as well as normalizes the work of all body systems. The basis of this drug is a plant called Tunberia. It, more precisely, its leaves are known in medicine in Thailand as..