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New products added to the site in 2018 year.

New products added to the site in 2018 year.
A liquid for antiseptic processing of an oral cavity and refreshment of respiration С-20, 180 ml.
296.53 р.
The basis of this solution is the disinfectant chlorhexidine, widely known in various fields of medicine, where disinfection is required. Solution C-20 has the following properties: - antiseptic; - bactericidal; - disinfectant; - antifungal; - antiviral; C-20 is used to treat stomatit..
A man's purse made of genuine crocodile leather.
7,413.31 р.
Wallet is a purse for men. It is made of 100% natural crocodile leather (the outer side of the wallet) and calf (the inside of the wallet), so it will serve faithfully and truthfully not one, not two, not even five years - like a wallets from the mass market . It will be an excellent gift for a r..
A remedy for heartburn and to eliminate stomach pains Amogin, 4 tablets.
65.66 р.
Amogin tablets (“Amogin”) are used to treat diseases of the gastrointestinal system - pancreatitis, gastritis, ulcers, etc. They do an excellent job with all the manifestations of abnormal digestive organs, including: - excessive gas formation in the intestines; -shopping; -heartburn; ..
A set of twelve whitening fruit toothpastes.
953.14 р.
Toothpaste based on fruit extracts. Designed and manufactured in Thailand. With it, you will become the owner of a healthy and therefore beautiful smile. In our online store you can buy a set that includes twelve round boxes. They have different not only tastes, but also actions: ..
Acid sweet and sour sauce SukiYaki with sesame, 280 ml.
84.72 р.
Thai sauce "SukiYaki", which contains sesame seeds, has a sharp taste and can be used for poultry and any type of meat, including soup. In general, it is universal. Once the inhabitants of Thailand borrowed it from Korean cuisine. Adding just a little to the soup, just one tablespoon of sauce..
Anthelminthic drug Albemed for treatment of helminthic invasions, 6 tablets.
423.62 р.
Albendazole is a Thai preparation against worms and helminths, i.e. parasitic worms. In pharmacies and online stores, including us, is implemented as Albemed. It has a high level of efficiency. It is used to treat almost all diseases that have appeared due to the foreign microorganisms listed abo..
Anti-aging face cream with snail and mangosteen Siam Health Herbs, 15 grams.
762.51 р.
Face cream, which is made from the "traditional" Thai ingredients - snail extract and mangosteen extract. It has rejuvenating and brightening effects. Designed and manufactured in Thailand. Available in compact packages of 15 grams. Action cream with squeeze snail and mangosteen: ● reju..
Anti-aging face cream with snail CATHY DOLL SNAIL GOLD, 50 grams.
1,440.30 р.
This face cream is based on the snail mucin - one of the traditional "ingredients" in Thailand of cosmetics. The volume of the jar is 80 grams, enough for six months or a year. The action of a face cream with a snail extract Effects of face cream with a snail extract: ● Activation of collag..
Anti-aging tissue mask with a filtrate of mucus grape snails from the brand PIBAMY, 48 grams
116.49 р.
Snails produce a unique mucus in their properties, which is used to restore both the body and the shell. Due to the fact that a lot of studies of this substance were carried out, and this Korean face mask was developed. It is very tender and almost merges with the skin of the face due to the 3D..
Anti-Flea Shampoo for Dogs BEARING, 300 ml.
508.34 р.
Antibacterial pads with silver, 18 pcs.
169.45 р.
Women's panty liners. They have an antibacterial effect, as they contain silver ions. Produced by a company known in Southeast Asia and popular throughout the world. Features of women's pads Laurier: First, they perfectly absorb all vaginal discharge, ensuring the purity of ..
Antibacterial toothbrush in white bamboo Compact Soft and Slim.
127.09 р.
This toothbrush is unique - it differs in that it has two actions: antibacterial and bleaching. Its manufacturer is one of the Thai brands, the company Compact Soft and Slim. The toothbrush described is made using bamboo charcoal. Its villi are different in length: • upper - long and thin, th..
Antibacterial toothpaste based on 9 herbs POP HERBS, 40 grams.
148.27 р.
The most natural herbal based toothpaste. Contains extracts of nine plants: green tea, mint, lemon balm, sage, clove, guava, mangosteen, andrographis and Koi tree. They are used in Asian countries for the daily care of teeth and gums and elimination of pathologies associated with the oral cavity ..
Antibacterial toothpaste with a bleaching effect of mangosteen and guava, 40 grams.
190.63 р.
This toothpaste is made in Thailand. It minimizes the risk of the appearance and development of tooth decay and other diseases of teeth and gums, brightens teeth, and freshens breath. It is 100% natural, so it does not harm either person or the environment. It includes essential oils of medicin..
Apracur tablets for quick elimination of cold and flu symptoms, 4 tablets.
63.54 р.
Apracur tablets are designed to treat colds, flu, and other respiratory problems. They are based on effective and at the same time safe substances (but can cause allergies if you are hypersensitive to one or more components). The country of origin is Thailand. Apracur action tablets ..
Aromatic herbal soap for the prevention of acne KOKLIANG, 90 grams.
169.45 р.
Soap based on medicinal herbs from the manufacturer from Thailand. Does not contain substances that can harm the skin and the body in general. Does not give a sense of tightness, like cosmetic means from the mass market. A distinctive feature of soap in the unusual, but pleasant smell of the..
Aromatic soap with pieces of fruit and coffee, 100 grams.
169.45 р.
Baby milk and yoghurt soap from the brand KODOMO, 90 grams.
63.54 р.
Soap, cleanses the skin of dirt and kills bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms. Designed for children who have sensitive skin. Made by the unique recipe of one of the companies in Thailand, so it does not lead to a feeling of tightness and does not cause allergies. To make Kodomo soap ..