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Children's syrup with strawberries and paracetamol for the treatment of colds SaRa, 60 ml.
208.05 р.
This children's syrup with paracetamol and strawberries is created in order to eliminate the most "popular" symptoms of cold and flu - increased body temperature and aches in the bones and muscles of those who have just been born (from 6 months). The volume of one jar is 60 ml. For every 5 ml t..
Instant coffee without sugar with chromium to reduce appetite, 12 grams.
16.00 р.
Thai instant coffee with cream and chrome is an excellent option for those who are dieting, and for those who simply support themselves in the form, adhering to the principles of a healthy lifestyle. Its undoubted plus is that, firstly, it does not contain sugar, but it is very tasty and flavor..
Spray on the basis of chamomile for elimination of sore throat and disinfection of oral cavity Kamillosan M, 15 ml.
533.46 р.
This Thai spray called Kamillosan M has a high level of effectiveness, since it is based on 100% natural oils. It destroys bacteria, thereby relieving the pain in the throat and toothache, and very quickly, as well as refreshing breathing. The spray we are using is used in the following cases: ..