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The most effective Thai drugs for the treatment and prevention of disease.

The most effective Thai drugs for the treatment and prevention of disease.
 Capsules based on red ginseng, 100 pcs.
508.62 р.
Ginseng root is used since ancient times in folk medicine of Southeast Asia. It provides a good tonic and stimulating effect, enhances the immune system, stabilize the cardiovascular system. The capsules are made from peeled and crushed red ginseng root. Assign this drug if:  &n..
A remedy for heartburn and to eliminate stomach pains Amogin, 4 tablets.
63.07 р.
Amogin tablets (“Amogin”) are used to treat diseases of the gastrointestinal system - pancreatitis, gastritis, ulcers, etc. They do an excellent job with all the manifestations of abnormal digestive organs, including: - excessive gas formation in the intestines; -shopping; -heartburn; ..
A set of green herbal balms with prolonged action Phoyok Herb, 150 grams.
895.16 р.
Certified green balm Thai campaign Phoyok Herb is made from natural extracts of medicinal herbs and has become widely known among tourists from all over the world thanks to some features that distinguish this balsam from other products of this category:     Absence of ..
Analgesic ointment Muay Thai boxing training for martial arts, 30 grams.
305.17 р.
This drug is manufactured by Thai pharmaceutical factories, especially for men, cultivating ancient martial art of Muay Thai. Ointment Composition - methyl salicylate, menthol, eugenol. In the process of training the athletes get a lot of injuries of varying severity, which can not but affect the..
Anlene drink with calcium, collagen and vitamins, 25 grams.
97.65 р.
Liquid calcium, produced by the Thai company Anlene, is a powder used to make a healthy beverage, which also has excellent taste properties. The product contains a huge amount of calcium, vitamins and other useful elements. In addition, the drink is rich in protein, which is so important for ..
Anthelminthic drug Albemed for treatment of helminthic invasions, 6 tablets.
406.89 р.
Albendazole is a Thai preparation against worms and helminths, i.e. parasitic worms. In pharmacies and online stores, including us, is implemented as Albemed. It has a high level of efficiency. It is used to treat almost all diseases that have appeared due to the foreign microorganisms listed abo..
Antibacterial pads with silver, 18 pcs.
162.76 р.
Women's panty liners. They have an antibacterial effect, as they contain silver ions. Produced by a company known in Southeast Asia and popular throughout the world. Features of women's pads Laurier: First, they perfectly absorb all vaginal discharge, ensuring the purity of ..
Antibacterial powder Pises Powder, 3 grams.
91.55 р.
Antibacterial powder Pises Powder is designed to heal the open wounds on the skin and to combat various skin disorders (boils, sores, ulcers, cracks, cuts, burns and so on. D.). The basis of the powder is sulfanilamide and tannin, has a powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action. Ho..
Apracur tablets for quick elimination of cold and flu symptoms, 4 tablets.
61.03 р.
Apracur tablets are designed to treat colds, flu, and other respiratory problems. They are based on effective and at the same time safe substances (but can cause allergies if you are hypersensitive to one or more components). The country of origin is Thailand. Apracur action tablets ..
Avamigran headache and migraine tablets, 10 tablets.
610.34 р.
Tablets for the treatment of migraine and pain relief in the head for other diseases. They contain only components tested in laboratory conditions and time-tested components; therefore, they are effective and safe for human health. Produced in Thailand, but popular throughout the world, inclu..
Bactericidal cream payayor, 10 grams.
142.41 р.
The vast majority of the world's population are carriers of the herpes virus. It circulates in the human bloodstream and comes out only under certain conditions. As a result of the strong and long-term cooling of the body, receiving antibiotics, moved SARS or flu, when a person's immunity falls -..
Balm barleria, 10 grams.
111.90 р.
The balm contains natural extracts barleria wolf, lemongrass and mint. Balsam has a powerful analgesic and anti-inflammatory action. Indications for use:     Removal of muscle pain.     Removal of joint pain.     Usin..
Balm for insomnia Sleep Balm, 15 gr.
284.82 р.
This balm is a great way to relax and sleep easy.    The structure consists of balsam oil of lavender, bergamot and orange. This drug is often used in aromatherapy helps to neutralize stress conditions and emotional instability. Improves mood and sleep. Is a good relaxant, natural antid..
Balsam Scorpion Black Balm, 50 g.
213.62 р.
The structure of traditional Thai Scorpion Black Balm Balm contains natural extracts of the many herbs growing in the countries of Southeast Asia, coconut oil and extract from scorpion venom, which is many times faster penetration of components of medicinal balm in body tissues and increases thei..
Benda syrup (mebendazole) for the treatment of helminthic invasions, 30 ml.
264.48 р.
Benda syrup based on mebendazole for removal of worms and all other parasites from the body. Suitable for children (at least 2 years old) and for adults. The official patent and the right to manufacture belongs to a company from Thailand. This suspension has an effective and at the same time..
Black Balm Royal Crab Royal Thai Herb, 50 grams.
244.14 р.
"Black" balm, based on the poison of the Royal Cobra, from one of the producers of Thailand. Actions of the remedy The actions of the remedy include: • stop the inflammatory process; • Pain relief and all other unpleasant sensations in the area of ​​the "sick" place. It is effective bec..
Black Balsam "KING COBRA BALM", 50 grams.
213.62 р.
The composition of the black king balm includes more than 100 components of plant and animal origin, including fat and cobra venom and chili oil. Furthermore, balm rich complex minerals (magnesium, silicon, calcium, iron, and phosphorus). Use this tool to deal with herniated discs, pain in joints..
Black Balsam herbal, 100 grams.
305.17 р.
The composition of black balsam contains sesame seeds and a variety of therapeutic herbal extracts. Used for injuries of joints and soft tissue sports injuries, bruises. Well relieves pain, removes puffiness, anti-inflammatory action. Relieves pain in the cervical spine, lower back. Is used to co..