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Thai means to enhance male potency, treat prostatitis and eliminate problems in the urogenital system of men.

Thai means to enhance male potency, treat prostatitis and eliminate problems in the urogenital system of men.
Capsules Butea Superba, to enhance male potency, 100 pcs.
610.34 р.
Thai "Viagra", which is 100% natural - it does not have a single synthetic substance, only medicinal herbs. The action of the Thai "Viagra": ● Increased attraction to the opposite sex and interest in entering into sexual contact; ● increase in "male power"; ● treatment and reduction of th..
Capsules for enhancing male potency Sur Pian Wan, 240 capsules.
5,289.61 р.
This preparation is made on the basis of ancient recipes for oriental medicine. It consists of:   -  Powder of dried penises royal cobra and Siamese.   -  Bone meal and royal Siamese cobra.   -  The root of Korean ginseng (six).   -  Reishi Mushr..
Capsules for the treatment of male infertility Kmalg Chgag Sar, 100pcs.
2,197.22 р.
Completely natural, and therefore effective and at the same time safe capsules for restoring "male" health - the treatment of impotence and infertility. They act on the entire body, cleansing and rejuvenating it. The principle of the drug It consists of the following: 1. ..
Capsules Ginseng Root, 100 pcs.
1,627.57 р.
The best medicine is that which helps against all diseases and which has no side effects. And it exists! This is immunity! Ginseng-based capsules are designed to strengthen the natural defenses of the human body. They are 100% natural, therefore effective and safe. Ginseng featu..
Capsules Kaval Krya Dang, to enhance potency and physical strength, 100 pcs.
610.34 р.
The drug kaval krya Deng made from root plants Butea superba bisexual male species. Received a second name - "Thai herbal Viagra". The drug stimulates the synthesis of testosterone in the body, due to which improves sexual function, increased libido. Regular intake of kaval krya Deng leads to an ..
Capsules Kra Chai Dam, 100 pcs.
813.79 р.
The basis of preparation of the plant, known as "black galangal" or "Thai ginseng", which is used since ancient times to improve body tone, strengthen the potency and overall health. The drug Kra Chai Dam is extensive and covers a wide variety of systems in human organs. Indications for use: ..
Capsules Stamina (Tongkat Ali) to increase male potency, physical strength and endurance, 60 pcs.
2,237.91 р.
The preparation of stamina - a unique development of Thai scientists. Synthesized based on evrikomy Indonesian, which grows only in South-East Asia. Stamina increases the level of testosterone production zndogennogo. As a result, increases libido, increases physical endurance, power performance a..
Capsules to enhance male potency Double Maxx, 30 capsules.
6,103.39 р.
The capsules of Double Maxx include natural extracts of plant origin and mineral complexes. In particular: extract of Korean ginseng. Butea Superba, natural extract of the plant cystanhe, oil and Chinese blackberry, and many others. The main effects of taking capsules Double Maxx:  &..
Capsules to strengthen the male potency CORDYCEPS EXTRACT, 2 capsules.
1,220.68 р.
These Thai "male" capsules are 100% natural - they consist only of herbs, do not contain a single harmful substance. That is why they are not only effective, but, equally important, safe, which was confirmed by repeated inspections in the laboratory. The investor of the described project is a p..
Dry mix for tinctures Ya Dong (11 tigers), 20 g.
203.45 р.
The drug is a chopped dry mixture, which is used to prepare an alcohol tincture. The mixture is made on the basis of old recipes and consists of natural extracts of ginseng root, orange jasmine, ginger root, Rauwolfia serpentina, Chinese angelica, root evkalii and other medicinal plants. Tincture..
Gel KAMAGRA (Sildenafil) 100 mg to enhance male potency.
508.62 р.
Gel "Kamagra" (or in another way - sildenafil) is designed to strengthen the so-called "male" strength. It has a high level of efficiency, very fast action and 100% safety for the human body. A feature of the "Kamagra" gel in its form. It is convenient (the drug can be used in any situation, it..
Goji Berries, 100 grams.
305.17 р.
Goji berries have been used in Southeast Asia for a very long time. They improve the work of the brain, strengthen the immune system and even suspend the aging process of the body! Therefore, it is not surprising that these berries are also called fruits of longevity. With their help, ..
Herbal Viagra for men and women DONII-44, 4 capsules.
2,441.36 р.
100% natural "Viagra", suitable for men and women. Consists only of medicinal herbs, therefore, effective and at the same time safe. There are four pills per pack. Each of them is valid from 5 to 8 hours, but sometimes the whole day! To feel the irresistible sexual attraction to your s..
Herbal Viagra for men and women STORECT, 4 capsules.
2,441.36 р.
100% natural analogue of "Viagra" called Storect - consists exclusively of herbal ingredients. Effective and safe - approved by the Ministry of Health of Thailand and has all permits! With this drug, you solve problems in your sex life and build relationships with your soulmate without..
Natural mixture of meat and a cobra bile for alcoholic tinctures, 35 grams.
3,051.70 р.
The drug is a mixture melkoizmelchёnnuyu snake meat, king cobra bile and herbal medicine collection. Made in a factory SIAM SNAKE INTERNATIONAL (specializes in the manufacture of drugs from snakes). Effect of the drug:       Recovery of potency and spermatogenes..
Super effective drug for male potency CAPPRA, 4 capsules.
5,696.50 р.
Cápsulas originales, completamente naturales para la salud "masculina". Diseñado y fabricado en Tailandia. Los especialistas del sudeste asiático pudieron crear un medicamento que no es menos efectivo que el famoso "Viagra", pero que, a diferencia de él, no contiene una sola sustancia ..
Thai herbal Viagra Grakcu Capsule, 6 capsules.
2,034.46 р.
Thai Viagra - a drug made exclusively from plant components. It consists of Cordyceps - rejuvenation of the body, wild yam and Goryanka grandiflora - increase sperm kinetics and improvement of the reproductive system, Chinese magnolia vine and jujube - a tonic effect and neutralization of nerve d..
Thai herbal viagra Jiu Jeng Pushen Jiao Nang, 6 capsules.
1,831.02 р.
The drug Jiu Jeng Pushen Jiao Nang is completely made from natural herbal ingredients and is a capsule for oral administration. The drug is aimed at a large and powerful increase male potency, enhancing erection and lengthening the time of sexual intercourse. In addition, the drug can be used as ..