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Thai for external treatment of dermatitis, psoriasis, herpes, fungal lesions of the skin and many other skin disorders.

Thai for external treatment of dermatitis, psoriasis, herpes, fungal lesions of the skin and many other skin disorders.
Antibacterial cleansing foam for the face with Aloe Vera and Vitamin B6 ISME, 60 grams.
345.86 р.
This cosmetic product of the famous Thai brand ISME, designed to care for problem skin suffering from acne and acne. The structure of foam with natural herbal ingredients (extracts of herbs that grow on the territory of South-East Asian Nations), which contain a huge amount of vitamin B6 and subs..
Antibacterial powder Pises Powder, 3 grams.
91.55 р.
Antibacterial powder Pises Powder is designed to heal the open wounds on the skin and to combat various skin disorders (boils, sores, ulcers, cracks, cuts, burns and so on. D.). The basis of the powder is sulfanilamide and tannin, has a powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action. Ho..
Bactericidal cream payayor, 10 grams.
142.41 р.
The vast majority of the world's population are carriers of the herpes virus. It circulates in the human bloodstream and comes out only under certain conditions. As a result of the strong and long-term cooling of the body, receiving antibiotics, moved SARS or flu, when a person's immunity falls -..
Children's gel from skin allergies Allergia Kids, 7 grams.
630.68 р.
This gel was created so that you can treat allergies at home - without spending money and time to seek help from a doctor. Composition of gel The gel contains only 100% natural ingredients: ● squeeze out of aloe vera; ● extract of onion; ● squeeze of the cochlea; ● Shiso List..
Cream for the treatment of skin diseases FLUOCINONIDE OINTMENT, 10 grams.
111.90 р.
The structure of this tool include corticosteroids hormones, successfully used to treat various skin diseases. Indications: various types of eczema, rash, psoriasis, pruritus. How to use: apply ointment on the problem areas of the body with a thin layer, repeat the procedure 2-3 times a day. Sinc..
Cream with Centella asiatica for wound healing, 10 gr.
223.79 р.
The composition of this cream contains natural extracts of Centella asiatica (Gotu Kola) - medicinal plant cultivated in the countries of Southeast Asia. This plant has a powerful regenerative effect, perfectly heals wounds and restores the soft tissue. Also, significantly accelerating the proces..
Extract klinakantusa to combat skin rashes, 60 ml.
152.58 р.
This therapeutic agent has long been used by physicians in Thailand to treat skin diseases and contains basically extract Clinacanthus nutans and other useful components. The drug helps eliminate boils, acne, dermatitis and other skin disorders arising from allergic diseases or infectious organis..
Facial wash PONDS, eliminating acne and control of fat, 100 grams.
610.34 р.
This facial wash from the famous American brand PONDS, designed specifically for deep cleansing of problem skin. Regular use of this cosmetic product immediately provides 10 positive effects on the skin:      Removes excess sebum.    Prevents the appearance of skin rash a..
Gel burns Burrny gel, 30 ml
203.45 р.
Famous throughout the world Bangkok Hospital Yanchee (plastic surgery, and effective weight loss program) to develop drugs for the treatment of all types of burns (household, solar or chemical). The drug is a gel, which included are menthol and natural aloe extract. The therapeutic effect of the ..
Gel for care of irritated skin Burnova Gel Plus, 25 grams.
488.27 р.
Gel Burnova, which is designed to moisturize and saturate with vitamins and trace elements of the skin. Suitable for very sensitive skin, can be used to repair tissues after burns. Composition of gel In the composition of the gel is what nature gave to man: ● extract of aloe vera; ..
Gel for the treatment of herpes Herpi Gel, 10 grams.
528.96 р.
The main active ingredient of Herpi Gel therapeutic ointment is the extract from Klinakantus, which has a powerful antiviral and anti-herpes action. Herpi Gel ointment is used for external treatment of all types of herpetic infection (simple, herpes zoster and genital herpes). The effect of the h..
Gel Hiruskar to eliminate scars, 7 grams.
854.47 р.
Gel Hiruskar - is the latest tool to combat scars on the skin, developed by the Swiss firm Medinova AG, which has forty years experience in the production of such dermatological agents. The drug is very complex, include a range of synthetic and natural substances. The gel is extremely effective i..
Gel to eliminate the effects of scars and scars on the skin Scar Gel, 15 grams.
712.06 р.
In order to remove "unpleasant things" from the skin, for example, scars or scars after surgery, it is not the obligation to seek help from a cosmetologist and spend a lot of money. It is enough to buy Thai scar-gel. Its price does not hit your pocket, and from the result you will be in shock - p..
Healing cream for acne and acne ISME, 10 grams.
264.48 р.
The structure of the therapeutic cream ISME, with natural natural substances - extract of aloe vera, tea tree oil and pyridoxine (vitamin B6 scientific name). The drug acts very quickly and in a short time removes existing acne and the emergence of new profilaktiruet. Dries and heals inflamed are..
Healing oil from the collection of medicinal herbs Poo Sema, 20 ml.
508.62 р.
The preparation of Pu Seyma is made exclusively from natural ingredients - coconut oil, herbal medicine (Phlai, Cassumunar ginger, Bengal root, Mangosteen Peel, Aloe vera) and powdered skin of snake. The drug is successfully used to treat various pathologies of the skin - eczema, psoriasis, derma..
Herbal Gel for acne treatment Abhaibhubejhr, 15 grams.
366.20 р.
The composition of the gel contains natural extracts and extract from the rind of the mangosteen, embliki, Kaempfer Galang and tsiperusa. Medical components contained in the composition of the gel, dried and heal the affected areas on the skin and their antiseptic activity can successfully resist..
Herbal suspension to eliminate papillomas and warts Mole Erase Pimpa, 3 grams.
1,057.92 р.
Thai drug Mole Erase Pimpa, consisting exclusively of natural components of plant origin without any chemical pharmacological components. This drug allows you to independently at home to quickly and efficiently remove various skin lesions (papillomas and warts). The process proceeds painlessly, a..
Lotion from acne with antibacterial action Ozzy Madame Heng, 14 ml.
712.06 р.
Thai cosmetic brand Madame Heng has been known since 1949 and has gained wide popularity all over the world due to the exceptional qualities of its products, as well as the use of natural ingredients in all manufactured goods. Lotion Ozzy consists of a whole complex of natural oils among whi..