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Natural Thai cosmetics for face.

Natural Thai cosmetics for face.
 Collagen Lip Mask, 1 pcs.
50.86 р.
The structure of the collagen lip mask includes many useful for skin natural ingredients - fruit acid, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, collagen and a set of amino acids. All of these components give your lips volume increase their elasticity, moisturize lips, saturating them with color and clean line..
 Silkworm cocoons, 20 pcs.
264.48 р.
Silkworm cocoons, only a natural product of natural origin, cultivated in the specialized farms for the production of silk. Cocoons are actively used in cosmetics, in particular for skin care. Application cocoons can get rid of black spots, to give a beautiful smooth facial skin tone, wrinkles du..
100% natural coconut oil BANNA, 100 ml.
406.89 р.
Coconut oil BANNA obtained by cold pressing of selected coconut cultivated in Thailand. Through a process of cold-pressed oil retains all the useful minerals and vitamins contained in the coconut. The composition of the oil great amounts of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids. Coconut oil - a p..
100% natural coconut oil Tropicana, 100 ml.
447.58 р.
Coconut oil TROPICANA obtained by cold pressing of selected coconut cultivated in Thailand. Through a process of cold-pressed oil retains all the useful minerals and vitamins contained in the coconut. The oil composition of huge amounts of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids. Coconut oil - a po..
Anti-aging Cobra gel for the skin around the eyes with the effect of Botox, 15 ml.
406.89 р.
The skin around the eyes is especially sensitive. Dark spots appear on it during fatigue and sleepless nights. In addition, it "fades" and wrinkles the fastest. For the skin around the eyes to be healthy and look beautiful as long as possible, it is not necessary to go to beauty salons..
Anti-aging cream BEE VENOM with bee venom, 28 grams.
1,118.96 р.
The unique formula of this cream contains bee venom, royal jelly, vitamin complexes A, B, E and natural extracts of herbs. The combination of these components enhances the production of natural collagen and elastin by the body, resulting in facial skin is tightened in a natural way, eliminates wr..
Anti-aging cream with whitening effect Snail Extra Plus, 50 ml.
915.51 р.
The newest formula of Snail Extra Plus cream is natural extracts of centella, aloe vera, mulberry and ginger, as well as streetwise filtrate, collagen and macadamia nut oil. The cream has a complex action:     Skin cells are rejuvenated and regeneration is enhanced. ..
Anti-aging face cream ISME with mulberry extract and glutathione, 10 grams.
528.96 р.
Face cream based on glutathione and mulberry extract. Makes fabrics healthy and beautiful. Universal - has 5 actions at once! Among them: ● moisturizing; ● food; ● suspension of aging processes and preventing the appearance of new wrinkles; ● lightening; ● protection agains..
Anti-aging face cream with snail and mangosteen Siam Health Herbs, 15 grams.
732.41 р.
Face cream, which is made from the "traditional" Thai ingredients - snail extract and mangosteen extract. It has rejuvenating and brightening effects. Designed and manufactured in Thailand. Available in compact packages of 15 grams. Action cream with squeeze snail and mangosteen: ● reju..
Anti-aging face cream with snail CATHY DOLL SNAIL GOLD, 50 grams.
1,383.44 р.
This face cream is based on the snail mucin - one of the traditional "ingredients" in Thailand of cosmetics. The volume of the jar is 80 grams, enough for six months or a year. The action of a face cream with a snail extract Effects of face cream with a snail extract: ● Activation of collag..
Anti-aging face cream YOKO, 30 grams.
569.65 р.
Anti-aging face cream made YOKO Thai company with widely known throughout the world. The main component of milk whey cream is, the structure of which saturated complexes of B vitamins (choline, nicotinic acid), C, A, E, biotin (vitamin PP), and complexes of mineral substances. Scientists in the s..
Anti-aging face mask with bioactive gold and glutathione, 220 ml.
366.20 р.
The face mask of 24k Gold is produced by the Korean cosmetic campaign and includes the most powerful components for improving the vital functions of skin cells, as well as for enhancing the processes of their regeneration:     Bioactive gold.    &n..
Anti-aging facial cream for face premium VITAMAX, 50 grams.
7,120.62 р.
Women from all over the world say that this rejuvenating cream is only good. And all because he has a carefully worked out composition, in particular: • mucin, i.e. the main component of the secretion of all the mucous glands of the cochlea is 98%; • hyaluronic acid; • peptides; • vitamin..
Anti-aging facial masks Civic Facial Mask, 100 ml.
406.89 р.
Manufacturer of Thai natural cosmetics Civic offers new, newly developed face care masks:     Collagen mask - contains hydrolyzed collagen and a large number of vitamin complexes E and B5. This mask has a powerful rejuvenating effect, comparable to the effect of mesoth..
Anti-aging facial serum with collagen and vitamin C, 8 grams.
238.03 р.
Serum to rejuvenate the skin. It consists solely of natural and time-tested components, therefore it is effective and safe at the same time. Produced by a company from Thailand, but sold not only at home, but also in other countries of Southeast Asia and the rest of the world. And this is the..
Anti-aging serum for the face with caviar CAVIAR MISTINE, 23 ml.
1,017.23 р.
The composition of serum included caviar extract, containing a huge number of unique complexes of substances that have a rejuvenating effect on your skin. Wrinkles are smoothed, the lifting effect is just after the first application. Skin recovers well, nourishes and moisturizes. It becomes suppl..
Anti-aging tissue mask with a filtrate of mucus grape snails from the brand PIBAMY, 48 grams
111.90 р.
Snails produce a unique mucus in their properties, which is used to restore both the body and the shell. Due to the fact that a lot of studies of this substance were carried out, and this Korean face mask was developed. It is very tender and almost merges with the skin of the face due to the 3D..