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Thai Mask for hair with natural plant extracts.

Thai Mask for hair with natural plant extracts.
  Hair mask with argan oil, 250 grams.
614.25 р.
The basis of this mask is a natural Argan oil is produced from the fruit of the tree seed argan and macadamia nut oil. The mask is intended for problematic and lackluster hair, bad to style. Complexes of the nutrients contained in the mask, well saturated with vitamins and minerals hair over thei..
100% natural coconut oil Tropicana, 100 ml.
465.98 р.
Coconut oil TROPICANA obtained by cold pressing of selected coconut cultivated in Thailand. Through a process of cold-pressed oil retains all the useful minerals and vitamins contained in the coconut. The oil composition of huge amounts of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids. Coconut oil - a po..
Body gel with soothing aloe vera extract 99%, Holica Holica, 250 ml.
402.44 р.
In the gel from the Korean manufacturer is known Holika Holika, includes more than 150 components of natural origin (amino acid, vitamin and mineral supplements). This drug has a bactericidal and bacteriostatic effect, increases blood flow in the vessels, stabilizes the moisture balance of the sk..
Carebeau Hair Restoration Mask with avocado extract, 250 ml.
211.81 р.
Mask for dry and damaged due to the use of thermal tools (hair dryer, rectifier) ​​for styling and dyeing hair. Based on an extract of fruit grown in the Tropics - avocado. Designed and manufactured in Thailand. The volume of one package is 250 ml, enough for six months. The composition and ..
Coconut oil 100%, 1 litre.
3,177.13 р.
This coconut oil centrifuge coconut milk is obtained and is a product of superior quality (better even than oil). Is used in cooking, cosmetology. Use coconut oil for hair care, making day and night masks. Oil has beneficial effects on the roots of the hair, the hair bulbs, preventing premature h..
Hair Mask Carebeau extract of oatmeal, 500 grams.
254.17 р.
The main active component of this mask is a natural extract of oatmeal with a truly amazing healing properties for the hair and scalp. Boasting excellent shielding effect, the mask forms a protective film over the entire length of hair, and nutrients included in its composition, penetrate deep in..
Hair mask with jojoba oil and silk proteins Natura Lolane, 120 gr.
381.26 р.
Hair mask with jojoba oil and silk proteins Natura Lolane designed for dry and damaged hair. The composition of only natural extracts and vegetable oils. For ease of use, the contents of the mask is distributed in 12 sachets of 10 grams. One bag per procedure. How to use: Apply the mask to clean ..
Hair mask with papaya extract and egg Carebeau, 500 ml.
254.17 р.
The composition of this mask contains natural extracts of papaya and egg yolk. Both of these components of the mask have a miraculous effect on the hair and scalp. After the first mask applications, the hair becomes silky, acquire, Natural shine, volume increases them. Nutrients and minerals comp..
Hair mask with pomegranate extract Carebeau, 500 grams.
254.17 р.
The basis of this mask is a natural extract of pomegranate. The mask is intended for the care of damaged and colored hair. Complexes of vitamins and minerals that make up the mask penetrate deep into the structure of the hair and scalp, providing at the same beneficial effect. The hair roots are ..
Instant wax mask for hair restoration with keratin and vitamins 3D Wax, 30 ml.
59.31 р.
Keratin and wax based hair mask for very fast hair restoration. A great way to restore health and beauty to weak, cut through the entire length and dry hair, without spending money and time to visit beauty salons and craftsmen at home. You will do everything yourself! Cosmetic product developed a..
Keratin hair restoration kit More Than.
2,118.09 р.
Keratin-based hair restoration kit. Consists of shampoo, balm and two therapeutic sera. Designed for women who very often use thermal tools for styling (hair dryer, straightener, curling iron, etc.) and carry out the dyeing procedure, especially in white shades. Manufacturing country - Thailand. ..
Keratinous restoration of damaged or dyed hair, 30 ml.
74.13 р.
Mask based on keratin for hair treatment. Eliminates 100% damage, effectively and very quickly, in just 1 minute. Designed for colored hair that looks lifeless. The most important plus keratin mask in exactly the same action as professional cosmetology and home use. Other advantages of kerati..
Mango Hair Mask Oriental Princess, 200 grams.
1,059.04 р.
Manufacturer of hair mask is the famous Thai premium brand Oriental Princess. Preparations produced under this brand have exclusively natural components and the highest quality, which draws the attention of all lovers of quality cosmetics. The proposed mask for hair care contains a natural extrac..
Mask DEMA from hair loss and for hair growth with coenzyme Q10, 500 ml.
635.43 р.
The mask for hair care "DEMA Genive Hair Treatment Long" is made by the Thai cosmetic brand of premium-class Genive. The composition of the mask includes natural extracts of ginseng and wheat roots, olive oil and jojoba oil, as well as coenzyme (coenzyme) Q10. The complex effect of these componen..
Mask for hair loss extract Ancha Wang Prom, 180 grams.
487.16 р.
This cosmetic product contains at its core a natural extract Ancha (plants cultivated in the countries of Southeast Asia, and received the second name "papilionaceous peas"), powerful actions are aimed at the prevention of hair loss, as well as in-depth supply, treatment and rehabilitation of ove..
Mask for hair loss with black sesame seeds and seaweed, 100 grams.
264.76 р.
This cosmetic product for hair care includes: Sesame oil - has a beneficial effect on the overall condition of the hair, perform nutritional function of hair follicles, speeds up the process of hair growth, making hair softer and imbues them with moisture, fights dandruff and gives hair gloss. Sp..
Mask for hair loss with papaya and egg yolk, 100 g.
264.76 р.
The mask for the hair included - papaya extract, egg yolk, vitamin complex (A, B2, B3, B6, B12, E, D, H) and minerals (magnesium, phosphorus, lecithin) required for the power structure of the hair. The mask is well nourishes the hair, making them silky and restores their natural elasticity and sh..
Mask for hair with coconut oil Carebeau, 500 ml.
338.89 р.
The basis of the mask is a natural coconut oil has a wide range of beneficial effects on the hair and scalp. Nutritional ingredients penetrate deep into the hair structure, imbuing them with the necessary substances for life. The hair becomes manageable, healthy, improves their growth, preventing..