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Funchoza, glass, egg noodles, as well as instant noodles with taste Tom Yam, ducks and much more.

Funchoza, glass, egg noodles, as well as instant noodles with taste Tom Yam, ducks and much more.
Gift set for the preparation of Phad Thai, 300 grams.
589.59 р.
One of the most popular and delicious dishes of Thailand is Phad Tai with noodles with chicken or shrimps! Prepare at home this delicious dish and enjoy the traditional taste of Asian cuisine. The presented set includes:     rice noodles 150 grams;   &n..
Glass noodles (Funchoza), 80 gr.
114.11 р.
"Glass" noodles, also called fuchozoy, is made from starch masha (mung beans). It does not have 1% gluten, so it is suitable for allergic people. Prepare this noodle can any, even very inexperienced, mistress and child. If you want to put it as an addition to a dish (soup), then do it 5 to 7 mi..
Instant noodles Tom Yam with a taste of seafood or shrimp, 60 grams.
95.10 р.
One of the most common dishes in Thailand and other Asian countries - instant noodles "Tom Yam". Contains pieces of shrimp (in dried form), coconut milk and spices. All products of this manufacturer, including instant noodles "Tom Yam", are considered the best of the best - they are included in..
Thai instant noodles with a taste of duck, 60 grams.
57.06 р.
The Thai brand Mama, which produces food products for the domestic and foreign markets, is among the top ten in the country. Instant noodles Mama with a taste of ducks are good for all lovers of Thailand and will easily remind you of the wonderful time in this country. Rich rich taste and ease of..
Thai instant noodles with a taste of seafood and tofu, 60 grams.
57.06 р.
The real taste of Thailand! The one who was - will understand and appreciate this authentic instant soup-noodles. The dish has a pleasant characteristic smell and sweet and sour taste, alternating with rather sharp peppery notes. Despite this, soup with seafood and tofu can not be attributed to v..
Thai noodles Tom Yam 42 grams.
66.57 р.
Anyone who has ever been in Thailand, and tried Thai Tom Yam soup, never forget the mouthwatering flavor of this dish. No wonder, noodle soup Tom Yam tastefully included in the top ten of instant soups in the world! More than in any other country, you will not find noodle soup with so many spices..
Thai noodles Tom Yam in a traditional plate, 65 grams.
152.15 р.
To all lovers of Thai and very spicy food is dedicated! The most famous all over the world and directly in the country, the traditional Thai soup-noodles Tom Yam. The basis of the soup is noodles, and in three packets spices and condiments are distributed, dried shrimps and super-hot chili pepper..
Thai noodles Tom Yam with shrimp sauce, 55 grams.
38.04 р.
The cereal product for a healthy diet NESVITA NESTLE, 4 sachets of 23 grams.
266.27 р.
A dietary drink based on cereals from one of the most popular brands, the company Nestle. In plant-based fiber, there are many dietary fiber and trace elements that combine with harmful substances and remove them from the body. As a result, the extra pounds that spoil the figure go away. An exc..