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Thai traditional sweets and sweets, dried fruits sprinkled with sugar and spices.

Thai traditional sweets and sweets, dried fruits sprinkled with sugar and spices.
Creamy candies from Thailand with a taste of taro and fruit, 67 grams.
132.24 р.
Taro is a plant used in cooking in Thailand, Southeast Asia and other countries from the tropical climate zone. It is called the "analogue" of potato because of the appearance and starch content (about 20%). It contains a large amount of vitamin B6, ascorbic acid, iron, copper and potassium. ..
Crickets, fried in Thai spices, 8 grams.
101.72 р.
Exotic Thai snacks from real crickets, fried in spices and salt to the state of pleasant appetizing crunch. This product is manufactured in factories and has an international GMP certificate. In addition to a pleasant original taste, fried crickets are of great nutritional value, because they con..
Dried crocodile meat in spices, 160 grams.
1,281.71 р.
100% natural crocodile meat! Prepared in a special, unique technology without the use of dyes, flavors, preservatives and other substances that may be harmful to health. Perfect as a snack on the road, because it does not spoil for a very long time outside the refrigerator. Crocodile m..
Dried fragrant mango slices, 200 grams.
345.86 р.
This traditional Thai dessert is made from mango fruit. Slices of fruit dried, but retained the taste, flavor and vitamins with trace elements. They will fit like a snack for those who watch their health and eat right. The process of preparing a classic Thai dessert from mango fruits: The pro..
Dried mango slices, 65 grams.
406.89 р.
The product is a natural dried slices of mangoes, which are in a sweet syrup. Dried mangoes are very tasty and healthy treat, but can also be used for making fruit salads, various desserts and pastries. The product composition is a 90% natural mango fruit and 10% sugar. Mangoes are dried in the s..
Natural banana chips, 120 grams.
142.41 р.
100% natural chips made from banana is a great alternative to "classic" potato chips. It is tastier and, most importantly, healthier. For the manufacture of banana chips used only fruit pulp, no skin. They are universal: they can have a snack between breakfasts. lunch and dinner during the d..
Natural honey from Doi Kham clover, 230 grams.
467.93 р.
One of the most delicious "delicacies" from Thailand from Doi Kham is all-natural clover honey. It is not only delicious, but also incredibly healthy. In addition, there is no sugar familiar to us that will be appreciated by those who follow the figure (fructose, dextrose and levulose are pre..
Tablets of milk for kids and adults, 20 grams.
101.72 р.
It is no secret that many children do not like to drink milk, despite the huge amount of calcium and protein contained in this product. Milk tablets were created for the child (or adult) has received a set of the required daily calcium, vitamins and protein without using natural milk (due to vari..
Thai air pastille MARSHMALLOWS with flavors of vanilla, chocolate and strawberries, 80 grams.
172.93 р.
Incredibly delicious in the form of weightless pastille Thai marshmallows are presented with three different flavors: 1. Strawberry. It has the shape of hearts. Perfectly suitable as a gift for the second half on March 8, Birthday or any other holiday. 2. Chocolate. 3. Vanilla. Marshmallo..
Thai chewy sweets with milk and yogurt My Chewy, 67 grams.
91.55 р.
These chewy sweets are a real “magic wand” for those who cannot live without sweets and at the same time worry about their shape and overall health. They are made from 100% natural milk and yogurt, so they are both tasty and healthy. They have a minimum of artificial ingredients. Thai sweets..
Thai Crispy Seaweed Chips Rolling Bite, 6 grams.
32.55 р.
Chips made not from potatoes by traditional technology, but from seaweed according to a unique recipe of the native inhabitants of Japan. An excellent option for those who want to crunch something in front of the TV, but is afraid to gain a couple of extra pounds. Tasty and healthy! Snacks t..
Thai marmalade with coconut flavor from agar-agar LOBO, 60 grams.
162.76 р.
Marmalade from agar-agar with coconut flavor from one of the Thai companies. Easy for the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) and a delicious dessert. Agar-agar is a 100% natural product that is made from seaweed. In its properties, it is very similar to gelatin, only better than it:  ..
Thai spicy tamarind sweets, 50 g.
122.07 р.
Tamarind or tamarind - a traditional plant cultivated in South-East Asia. The fruits of tamarind rich in vitamins A, B, C, as well as plenty of calcium and other minerals needed for normal body functioning. Offered candy, made of sun-dried tamarind fruit, covered with powdered sugar. They have a ..
The cereal product for a healthy diet NESVITA NESTLE, 4 sachets of 23 grams.
284.82 р.
A dietary drink based on cereals from one of the most popular brands, the company Nestle. In plant-based fiber, there are many dietary fiber and trace elements that combine with harmful substances and remove them from the body. As a result, the extra pounds that spoil the figure go away. An exc..
Unroasted Cashew nuts, 800 grams.
1,322.40 р.
Cashew - very popular type of nut that is used for the preparation of many dishes of authentic cuisines of the world, and is eaten raw or roasted form. A huge number of trace elements contained in the cashews, making their use extremely beneficial to health:     Normal..