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The most effective means for weight loss and combat cellulite.

The most effective means for weight loss and combat cellulite.

Among the huge number of different means for weight loss and anti-cellulite, Thai products have indisputable leadership in terms of efficiency. The ratio of price - quality is the most optimal in formulations, manufactured in Thailand.

In our shop we have tried to present the most popular and effective means for weight loss and combat cellulite. For easy viewing and selection, drugs are grouped into three broad categories:


  •     Anti-cellulite cream and soap.
  •     Coffee and tea for weight loss.
  •     Slimming capsules.

All products offered by our store, repeatedly tested by our regular customers, have a real effect, and made from natural ingredients of plant origin. It is very important that no banned or harmful substances they contain! However, before using this or any other drug, we recommend you to carefully read the instructions for use, which is in the description of each product.

 Anti-cellulite gel with a warming effect Slim 3 days, 100 grams.
418.42 р.
The composition of the gel contains natural extracts of noni, Thai chili peppers and green tea. Complexes of useful substances contained in these extracts significantly increase blood circulation in the capillaries and surface blood vessels, speed up the metabolism in the cells and contributes to..
Anti-cellulite cream "Flourish" with chilli and green tea extract, 500 ml.
475.48 р.
The structure of this cosmetic product includes - Thai chili oil, green tea extract, vitamin E, evening primrose oil and royal jelly. Cream effectively eliminates cellulite and prevents stagnant processes in the deep layers of the epidermis. Pepper oil - intensely breaks and destroys the subcutan..
Anti-cellulite cream "Flourish" with ginger and sunflower oil, 500 ml.
475.48 р.
The composition of this cream contains natural components of vegetable origin - ginger extract and sunflower oil. These substances have an effect, increases blood circulation in the capillaries and surface blood vessels, and thus there is a splitting of fat cells that form cellulite deposits. Inc..
Anti-cellulite cream "Gold Shape", 200 ml.
2,662.68 р.
The cream "golden figure" includes various complexes of extracts of plants growing in the South-East Asian Nations (Gingko biloba, cola, red chili peppers and ginger), a synthetic analogue of the pollen of Garcinia (or mangosteen) - Super Hi Sol, benzoic acid esters , menthol, propylene glycol, a..
Anti-cellulite cream ISME, 120 grams.
475.48 р.
Protivotsellyulitnye cream ISME includes in its composition drawing plants growing in the South-East Asian Nations (ginger, chili, several kinds of cayenne pepper, kelp, herbs), vitamin E, caffeine, glycerin, menthol, castor oil, collagen. Also this cream called "hot" or "burning". Effect of the ..
Anti-cellulite cream massage BANNA, 500 grams.
418.42 р.
Famous Thai cosmetic brand BANNA offers anti-cellulite cream with warming effect, burn subcutaneous fat and significantly reduces the severity of cellulite. Action creams based on increased blood flow in the superficial vessels and capillaries at the application site. The use of the cream: &nbs..
Anti-cellulite cream with K.BROTHERS cold-hot effect, 150 ml.
437.44 р.
Anti-cellulite cream K.BROTHERS is a gel for burning fat and cellulite destruction. The drug has a dual hot-cold effect and acts locally. Good increases blood circulation in the capillaries of the subcutaneous fat, and has a wonderful fat-burning effect that is provided by the high content of cre..
Anti-cellulite cream with snake venom Syn-Ake Firming Cream 120 gram.
532.54 р.
The composition of the anti-cellulite cream Natural SP Beauty & Makeup company includes natural extracts of medicinal herbs and plants, cultivated mainly in the countries of Southeast Asia, as well as an extract of snake venom, which is an excellent natural fat burner. The cream has a good pe..
Anti-cellulite cream with warming effect Slim 1 Day, 100 grams.
285.29 р.
The composition of this cream contains natural extracts of burning cayenne pepper, as well as gel termodzhetik enhancing the metabolism in the cells of subcutaneous fat and split them. It is accompanied by a significant increase in blood circulation in the capillaries and small blood vessels and ..
Anti-Cellulite Soap K.Brothers, 35 grams.
114.11 р.
The composition of the anti-cellulite soap from the company K. Brothers includes pure natural extracts (inflorescences lime and kelp), lanolin oil and soap base. This tool is used to improve the tone of the skin and reduce the accumulation of fat cells in the deeper layers of the epidermis. This ..
Capsules Garcinia cambogia for weight loss, 100 capsules.
475.48 р.
The capsules are made on the basis of the plant Garcinia Cambodian, cultivated in the countries of Southeast Asia. This plant contains a huge amount of hydroxycitric acid - a substance that contributes to the normalization of blood pressure, which increases the glucose content and, as a consequen..
Capsules of complex action for weight loss and elimination of toxins from the body, 100 capsules.
760.77 р.
Thai phytopreparation is made on the basis of 5 plants, and has a complex effect on the body, leading to weight loss and purification of the body of toxins:     Natural extract of the root of Thai horseradish - accelerates metabolism in the body and promotes the splitt..
Capsules Thai bears for weight loss Yanhee Light, 252 tablets.
4,944.98 р.
If you want to lose ten to fifteen extra pounds without "serious" eating restrictions and heavy physical exertion, then buy these slimming bears from the Bangkok hospital to solve the excess weight problems of YANHEE. One package will last for 28 days. These pills were developed according to..
Capsules to improve skin condition and weight loss Be-fit Pink Collagen, 60 capsules.
1,711.72 р.
With the help of these Thai capsules you can lose those extra pounds, improve the skin condition, and also generally feel much better. They include such components as: • collagen - the "building material" of the skin, which provides its strength and at the same time elasticity; • coenzyme Q..
Capsules Triphala for body cleansing and weight loss, 100 capsules.
608.61 р.
Capsules for body cleansing and weight loss, made in Thailand. Based on 3 medicinal herbs, do not contain artificial substances that could lead to allergies and harm to health. Act: These capsules were developed not only for the purification of the body (blood, lymph, bile ducts) and weight l..
Capsules with L-carnitine Yanhee for burning fat and enhancing training efficiency, 30 capsules.
703.71 р.
Capsules are produced by the Thai Bangkok hospital Yanhee (Yanghi), which specializes in programs to reduce body weight. Doctors and pharmacists of the hospital have a huge experience of similar developments and have scientific degrees in this field of medicine and dietology. The main conten..
Coffee to maintain the slender figure of Equal Collagen, 180 grams.
874.88 р.
Soluble coffee, containing cream with a reduced percentage of fat, amino acids and the main "building material" of the human body - collagen. Promotes dispersal of a metabolism, restoration of work of a stomach and an intestine, support of a figure. Manufactured in Thailand, based on the license ..
Coffee with cream for slimming and reducing cholesterol TRUSLEN, 156 grams.
912.92 р.
Instant coffee from one of the most popular Thai brands, Truslen. In the composition there is not a gram of sugar, only coffee and cream with a reduced percentage of fat. This instant coffee cleans the body, removing from it all harmful substances, including cholesterol, strengthens it. He c..