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Tea and coffee drinks from Thailand to reduce body weight.

Tea and coffee drinks from Thailand to reduce body weight.
Coffee with Moringa slimming SHAPE, 180 grams.
444.55 р.
The structure of this coffee contains natural extracts of Moringa, Ginseng, Reishi mushroom, cactus, white beans, and Coenzyme Q-10. The collection of mineral and vitamin complexes contained in these extracts has a restorative and tonic effect on the body, leading to its gradual weight loss. In a..
Green Slimming Coffee 150 grams.
800.19 р.
The composition of the coffee comprises caffeine and chlorogenic acid, the combination of which acts on fat cells and accelerates their decomposition. What is the overall decline in body weight (weight loss of 5-7 kg per month). In addition, the green coffee beans contain a large amount of tannin..
Green Slimming Coffee TRUSLEN, 160 grams.
533.46 р.
Green Slimming Coffee TRUSLEN - it's instant coffee, which is nice and tasty drink, give a maximum charge of vivacity and a gradual reduction in their weight. The composition of green coffee contains biologically active substances that contribute to the breakdown of fat cells, increased metabolis..
Instant coffee without sugar with chromium to reduce appetite, 12 grams.
16.00 р.
Thai instant coffee with cream and chrome is an excellent option for those who are dieting, and for those who simply support themselves in the form, adhering to the principles of a healthy lifestyle. Its undoubted plus is that, firstly, it does not contain sugar, but it is very tasty and flavor..
Instant ginger tea, 10 bags.
373.42 р.
Ginger tea - a very popular beverage in Thailand. There are many different types of ginger tea. The proposed tea belongs to a class of granulated instant teas. Ginger tea is used as a prophylactic and therapeutic agent for various kinds of colds, coughs, to remove the general malaise syndrome. Gi..
Natural seeds Chia, 12 grams
115.58 р.
Seeds of the plant Salvia hispanica (Salvia spanish or Chia white), rich in proteins (20%), fats (34%), dietary fibers (25%) and antioxidants, in particular Omega-3-unsaturated fatty acids. Chia seeds carry a huge amount of vegetable calcium, phosphorus, zinc and many vitamin complexes. In 2005, ..
Set Slimming Detox, 180 gr. (12 sachets 15 gr.)
1,778.20 р.
The basis of this tool for weight loss is fiber derived from various plants - Alginates algae, burdock roots and Jerusalem artichoke, pea tree Guar and crushed shells of crustaceans (oligohitozan). The drug reduces the absorption of food, speeding up its passage through the intestines, and the to..
Tea for weight loss and reducing sugars "Safflower with Garcinia" 20 bags.
160.04 р.
As part of the grass collection - safflower flowers (wild saffron), chopped fruit Garcinia cambogia and leaves Senna (Cassia angustifolia). Tea-packaged in sachets for brewing filter (20 pieces in the kit), and has the following useful properties:     Pressure stabilization..
Tea for Weight Loss TRUSLEN Matcha Latte, 160 grams.
622.37 р.
TRUSLEN Campania specializes in the production of healthy food products for a long time and got a lot of positive feedback from customers. Proposed drink Matcha Latte belongs to the category of slimming teas. It contains a huge amount of antioxidants and vitamin complexes. Useful actions tea Matc..
Tea made from dried leaves of papaya, 30 grams.
177.82 р.
Natural tea made from dried papaya leaves without any additives and dyes. Brewed tea has a very powerful immunomodulatory effect (increases immunity), as well as a number of other beneficial effects for the body and is used for:     Treatment and prevention of catarrha..
Thai coffee with amino acids for improving the figure and playing sports Festa, 120 grams.
355.64 р.
Energizing for the whole day and containing 9 amino acids that are not produced by the human body, this coffee is created for those who monitor their health and do not agree to compromises.     The ingredients that make up this drink from the Thai company Festa are s..
Thai coffee with ginseng for normalization of weight Festa, 120 grams.
355.64 р.
Capable of bringing feelings even after deep sleep and healthy, this coffee is created for those who follow their lifestyle. It does not have a gram of sugar or its substitutes, but there is ginseng and a substance called L-arginine from the world-famous Thai company. If you talk in mor..
Thai herbal tea for weight loss Easse Detox, 10 sachets of 2 grams.
497.90 р.
Easse Detox herbal tea is 100% natural herbs collection - Cassia angustifoia Vahl (Senna), Carthamus Tinctorius Linn (Safflower) and others. No artificial colors and ingredients, as well as caffeine, are part of this tea, which makes it possible for people who are prone to allergies or who have r..
Thai Slimming Coffee with L-carnitine
266.73 р.