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Thai toothpaste is a natural toothpaste based on medicinal herbs and extracts.

Thai toothpaste is a natural toothpaste based on medicinal herbs and extracts.

Toothpastes of Thailand are widely known throughout the world thanks to its unique qualities, a wide range of actions and unusual design. The basis of toothpaste manufactured in Thailand comprise natural extracts and extracts from medicinal plants cultivated in the countries of Southeast Asia. There are several types of toothpastes:

  •     Round toothpaste - have a dry solid consistency and packed in boxes round shape (hence the name). Extremely economical in use - one jar of 25 grams is enough for 1.5-2 months, and even longer. There are several types of toothpaste, mainly by natural additives included in the paste. This paste cloves, coconut, mangosteen, papaya, pineapple and others. The main action of the round toothpaste whitening effect is, t. To. It consists of a large number of whitening ingredient and high antibacterial activity. Because of the strong effect on tooth enamel some toothpastes (including clove paste) is recommended to use them once a day. whitening effect is already apparent after the first few applications. The antibacterial effect prevents tooth decay and has a restorative effect on the entire oral cavity.
  •     Herbal toothpaste - are familiar to us in plastic packaging tubes and paste-like consistency. They consist of natural extracts and plant particles themselves, which gives them a dark color and rich flavor. They do not contain artificial colors or preservatives. Action herbal toothpastes aimed at the prevention and treatment of oral diseases (dental caries, periodontal disease, and others.). However, in the present composition and the bleaching component which copes well with a touch on the tooth enamel, emerging from the use of coffee, tea and cigarettes. Suitable for daily use 2 times a day. Packaging is diverse - from 35 grams to 150 grams.

Thai toothpastes - is a natural product recommended by dentists all over the world!

A liquid for antiseptic processing of an oral cavity and refreshment of respiration С-20, 180 ml.
284.82 р.
The basis of this solution is the disinfectant chlorhexidine, widely known in various fields of medicine, where disinfection is required. Solution C-20 has the following properties: - antiseptic; - bactericidal; - disinfectant; - antifungal; - antiviral; C-20 is used to treat stomatit..
A set of twelve whitening fruit toothpastes.
1,078.27 р.
Toothpaste based on fruit extracts. Designed and manufactured in Thailand. With it, you will become the owner of a healthy and therefore beautiful smile. In our online store you can buy a set that includes twelve round boxes. They have different not only tastes, but also actions: ..
Antibacterial Toothbrush "Bamboo and coal."
183.10 р.
This toothbrush falls into the category of soft brushes, and is equipped with two types of bristles. The first category - a long, thin bristles that act as cleaning interdental spaces, the second category - the shorter and thicker bristles cleaning the tooth enamel. Bamboo charcoal has a strong a..
Antibacterial toothbrush in white bamboo Compact Soft and Slim.
122.07 р.
This toothbrush is unique - it differs in that it has two actions: antibacterial and bleaching. Its manufacturer is one of the Thai brands, the company Compact Soft and Slim. The toothbrush described is made using bamboo charcoal. Its villi are different in length: • upper - long and thin, th..
Antibacterial toothpaste DARLIE Expert Fresh, 120 grams.
427.24 р.
Hawley & Hazel campaign makes preparations for oral care (toothpastes, powders, mouthwashes, etc..) Under the brand Darley 1933. During this time, the campaign has proved itself with the best hand and probrel huge popularity in South-East Asia. The proposed toothpaste DARLIE Expert Fresh Prem..
Antibacterial toothpaste with a bleaching effect of mangosteen and guava, 40 grams.
183.10 р.
This toothpaste is made in Thailand. It minimizes the risk of the appearance and development of tooth decay and other diseases of teeth and gums, brightens teeth, and freshens breath. It is 100% natural, so it does not harm either person or the environment. It includes essential oils of medicin..
Children's toothbrush set KODOMO, 30 ml.
142.41 р.
This kit, consisting of Thai toothpaste with the taste and aroma of strawberries and a toothbrush from one of the Thai manufacturers, the company "Kodomo", is suitable for children from 6 to 9 years. A special toothbrush that has conical shaped bristles is effective and at the same time very ca..
Dental drug for the rapid elimination of acute toothache M.16 Patar for toothache, 3 ml.
162.76 р.
Thai dental medicine "M.16 Patar for toothache" for instant relief of attacks of acute dental pain. In the composition of this product - a solution of lidocaine, camphor and clove oil. The use of this drug may be due to prolonged treatment in the dentist (implantation and extraction of teeth, bra..
Dental preparation for the treatment of inflammation in the oral cavity based on triamcinolone NIDA TRINOLONE ORAL PASTE, 5 grams.
223.79 р.
This dental paste based on triamcinolone is a great way to cure stomatitis and other inflammatory diseases in the mouth. When exactly is it used? The dental paste considered by us is relevant: • after visiting the dentist's office and any, even the smallest, surgical intervention; • with ..
Herbal Toothpaste Karmart, 12 grams.
91.55 р.
Completely natural, made only from medicinal herbs, toothpaste from a company from Thailand. Refers to the premium segment. Composition As mentioned earlier, this toothpaste contains only natural ingredients:     six medicinal herbs: different part..
Herbal toothpaste with mangustinom, 70 g
183.10 р.
The structure of the tool includes natural extracts of guava, grape leaves and fruit of the mangosteen, and lots of natural vegetable oils (oil of peppermint leaves, betel leaves, cloves, leaves Cinnamomum Chinese, orange). Pasta has a thick consistency and flavor of brown field grasses. The drug..
Herbal toothpaste with whitening effect Poompuksa, 50 grams.
406.89 р.
Toothpaste from Thailand Poompuksa, almost 99.5% consisting of natural ingredients, and has an amazing effect of whitening tooth enamel! The components of toothpaste are:     Natural clove extract.     Natural extract of guava leaves. &n..
Moa Jula toothpaste for daily oral care, 100 grams.
172.93 р.
Toothpaste, which copes with all the bacteria in the mouth - not only on the teeth, but also on the gums, tongue, inside of the cheeks. She has a very nice “bonus” - the effect of whitening enamel, which is especially important for those who love tea, coffee and cigarettes. The most importan..
Refreshing spray for the oral cavity with extract of guava and peppermint Abhaibhubejhr, 12 ml.
305.17 р.
Thai manufacturer of natural cosmetics and health products Abhaibhubejhr offers an oral freshener with extracts of guava leaves and peppermint. The freshener has a convenient spray spray and is used not only for breathing freshening, but also for antibacterial treatment of the oral cavity, which ..
Thai herbal toothpaste Thipniyom, 40 grams.
81.38 р.
Toothpaste Thipniyom consists of minerals and natural plant extracts. As part of the paste present: peppermint oil, clove, sage, myrrh, essential oil of blue chamomile, camphor, calcium carbonate, sorbitol and many other mineral compounds. It is important to note that this toothpaste Thipniyom co..
Thai toothpaste with mangosteen extract, herbs and mineral salt Twin Lotus, 150 grams.
366.20 р.
Lotus Dok Bua Ku Salt Herbal Toothpaste from the company "Twin" is a professional toothpaste, the basis of which is rich in vitamins and microelements of herbs and salt. In addition to these components, it includes: • Mangosteen extract and substance squeezed out of the tooth-brush, which give ..
Thai whitening tooth powder SUPAPORN, 90 gr.
223.79 р.
The dentifrice composition from Chinese manufacturer SUPAPORN includes sodium chloride, sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium bicarbonate, calcium carbonate, borneol, menthol, and camphor. Also, additives in the form of crushed bone and cuttlefish natural extract of guava leaves. Fine powder removes plaq..
The tooth whitener Teeth Cleaning Kit.
508.62 р.
The latest development of scientists, dentists, patented product! Using nanotechnology can effectively and quickly make your smile snow-white. Environmentally friendly nanomaterial, which is part of this wonder drug has less fiber molecules toothpaste. Through this process of removing tartar, pla..