Rejuvenating face cream with a content of outdoor filtrate 98% of the brand VITAMAX.

Rejuvenating face cream with a content of outdoor filtrate 98% of the brand VITAMAX.
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Brand: Таиланд
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Women from all over the world say that this rejuvenating cream is only good. And all because he has a carefully worked out composition, in particular:
• mucin, i.e. the main component of the secretion of all the mucous glands of the cochlea is 98%;
• hyaluronic acid;
• peptides;
• vitamins.
Manufacturer - Thai brand "VitamaMax", Thailand.
Not only cream, but other cosmetics based on mucin snails enjoy incredible popularity among the representatives of the weak half of humanity living in Asian countries. Therefore do not hesitate - having bought this anti-aging cream, you will not get a pacifier, as it often happens.
The effectiveness of the described cream is explained as a unique formula, and 100% natural composition.
Action cream
The effect of the cream is expressed in:
• loss of minor wrinkles;
• Facelift;
• activation of the process of recovery and renewal of skin cells of the face.
How to apply the cream?
Use the cream twice a day - after sleeping, in the morning and before going directly to him, in the evening.
The volume of one jar is 50 ml, in the packaging we offer - 2 cans (100 ml).


Rejuvenating face cream with a content of outdoor filtrate 98% of the brand VITAMAX.
Product Code: 708000
Brand: Таиланд

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