Homeopathic ointment with a warming effect to relieve pain in muscles and joints.

Homeopathic ointment with a warming effect to relieve pain in muscles and joints.
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Homeopathic ointment Sing Pure Relief is used to relieve pain and discomfort in the back and joints. It is developed and produced in Thailand - one of the few countries that know how valuable medicinal herbs are and how they can be used to restore health and youth.

The cream is popular not only in their homeland, but throughout the world - Southeast Asia, Europe, the USA and Canada. This can not speak about its effectiveness and safety.

The composition of homeopathic ointment Sing Pure

The most important feature of the cream is that it is 100% natural - there is not a single artificial substance in it that could cause allergies or harm in any other way.

The composition of the homeopathic ointment Sing Pure includes:

1. Methyl salicylate. Stops the inflammatory process, minimizes pain and discomfort.
2. Menthol. It has the same properties as methyl salicylate.
3. Clove oil. Warms the skin.

Situations for which the use of the cream is suitable

First, any kind of pain and discomfort in the back and joints. Means anesthesia, relax and calm the sore spot.

Secondly, before and after training to stretch the muscles. The tool does not allow stretching and tearing of the muscles.

The volume of one tube is 30 grams, with regular use it lasts for several months.

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Homeopathic ointment with a warming effect to relieve pain in muscles and joints.
Product Code: 874000
Brand: Таиланд

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