Thai oil to relieve pain in muscles and joints, treat inflammation and restore limb mobility.

Thai oil to relieve pain in muscles and joints, treat inflammation and restore limb mobility.
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The oil, which is based on the venom of scorpion, is an effective and at the same time safe remedy in order to eliminate pain and discomfort in muscles and joints. It is designed and manufactured in Thailand, and therefore has a high level of quality.


The oil contains not only scorpion venom, but also other components. They are all natural and therefore do not harm health:

1. Coconut oil.
2. Oil camphor tree.
3. Turmeric oil.

All together has a synergistic effect, i.e. reinforces the action of each other.

Situations in which scorpion venom oil will be useful

First, the tool is indispensable for those who play sports. It activates the movement of blood, so it helps in:

● elimination of pain and discomfort in muscles and joints;
● removing fatigue from muscles and joints

Secondly, the tool is suitable as one of the components of therapy for inflammatory diseases in muscles and joints.

Thirdly, the tool helps to alleviate the condition in case of diseases of the neurological profile - numbness of the upper and lower extremities, paresis, paralysis, etc.

Fourthly, the tool can be kept in the first-aid kit in case of force majeure, for example, muscle damage when performing work on the housework.

Scorpion Poisoning Rules

All bottles have a dispenser, which makes it possible to squeeze as much of the contents as necessary, without wasting funds.

Use at home: press the dispenser several times, but no more than 5, apply oil to the body area and massage it. You will feel the first changes in just a few seconds! Continue to massage, without it the oil will not penetrate deeper and will not work at full strength.

After applying the oil, wash your hands with soap and water.

Note! Oil can not be used on mucous membranes and for the treatment of organs of vision. In case of contact with eyes, rinse them thoroughly with water, and if it does not help, immediately call Ambulance.

You can buy oil in two ways: either by placing an order yourself, through the basket of our online store (you will need to write your full name, phone number and shipping address), or send a message to one of the instant messengers.


Thai oil to relieve pain in muscles and joints, treat inflammation and restore limb mobility.
Product Code: 876000
Brand: Таиланд Banna

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